I am a senior researcher with 16 years of experience in designing, implementing and managing solutions for EU- and state-funded research projects in the areas of e-Health, e-Justice and Nutrition Informatics.

I am an Assistant Professor at the International Hellenic University, teaching e-Health & Nutrition Informatics at the Department of Nutritional Sciences & Dietetics. My current research interests include the applications (and implications) of Classic and Semantic Web Technologies in interdisciplinary spaces, with a particular interest in Online Social Networks and Nutrition Information Systems.

My work is regularly published and presented in academic as well as enterprise settings. I am also a self-proclaimed tech enthusiast who enjoys Web/UX Design, (MMO)RPG and Strategy PC Gaming, Home Automation, and mostly anything tech-related.

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Thesis: "Integrating Social and Hardware Sensors: A Semantic Web framework for Social Sensing environments". An interdisciplinary thesis which combined the Semantic Web, Social Networks and Sensors to provide a framework for expressing user statements on social media as sensory data, with a pilot application in e-Health and Nutrition Informatics (SOSENS - the SOcial SENSor framewor, see: Website). Thesis Keywords: Semantic Web, Nutrition Informatics, e-Health, Social Networks

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