I am a senior researcher with 16 years of experience in designing, implementing & managing solutions for EU- and state-funded research projects in the areas of e-Health, e-Justice and Nutrition Informatics.

I hold a PhD from the department of Electronics and Computer Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. My current research interests include the applications (and implications) of Classic and Semantic Web Technologies in interdisciplinary spaces, with a particular interest in Online Social Networks and Nutrition Informatics. My work is regularly published and presented in academic as well as enterprise settings.

I teach e-Health & Nutrition Informatics at the Alexander Technological Institute of Thessaloniki and The Limassol College, Cyprus. I am also a self-proclaimed tech enthusiast who enjoys Web/UX Design, (MMO)RPG and Strategy PC Gaming, Home Automation, and mostly anything tech-related.


Thesis: "Integrating Social and Hardware Sensors: A Semantic Web framework for Social Sensing environments". An interdisciplinary thesis which combined the Semantic Web, Social Networks and Sensors to provide a framework for expressing user statements on social media as sensory data, with a pilot application in e-Health (SOSENS - the SOcial SENSor framework: Website).
Keywords: e-Health, Semantic Web, Social Networks


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